Malternatives - Global Trends

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Malternatives - Global Trends

The world market for malternatives is driven by widespread product acceptance among young, urban consumers. The market is strongly influenced by fashionable lifestyle trends, given the fact that the young and trendy, who are primarily the consumers of the product, perceive sophistication as being the most important factor influencing purchasing patterns. Since malternatives make a fashion statement for the drinker at bars and clubs, continuous innovation in product packaging is seen as an important factor. Sleekly designed, colored, shaped and embossed single-serve bottles are a rage in the marketplace. Also growing in popularity is glass packaging, which is considered to be synonymous with quality and style. Drinks packaged in glass bottles convey the impression of being a premium product, which is an important advantage since malternatives are marketed as premium beverages in the higher-end of the market where image is inseparable from the product.

These and other market data and trends are presented in "Malternatives: Global Trends" by BizAcumen, Inc. Our reports are designed to be most comprehensive in geographic coverage and vertical market analyses.




Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations 1

Disclaimers 2

Quantitative Techniques & Reporting Level 3


A Curtain Raiser 4

Outlook 4

Market Scan 4

A Sneak Peek into the Gusty World of Malternatives 4

Major Brands in the Malternatives Market 5

Market Drivers in a Nutshell 5

Major Trends and Issues 6

Malternatives Cannibalize the Beer Segment 6

Not All is Lost for the Beer Market 7

Beer Brewers Beat Distillers at their Own Game 7

Why Malternatives Do Better Than Wine 7

Malternatives Face Stiff Competition from Imported Spirits/Beers 7

Spirits Get Under the Skin through Malternatives 8

Malternatives Strike Gold during Summer 10

Malternatives Take the Healthy Route 10

Marketing Equations Striking the Right Balance 10

Brand Equity: A Lifeline for Malternatives 11

New Product Blitz 11

Flavor Innovations that Scored High 11

Beer & Spirit Companies "Ad it Up" 12

Packaging 13

Distribution Dynamics 13

Dynamics of Successful Retailing 13

Malternatives & C-Stores: A Hand-In-Glove Partnership 14

Drug Stores: Are They a Good Fit for Malternative Brews? 14

Consumer Profile 14

Young Adults: A Finicky Yet Experimental Lot 14

Women Hit the Spotlight 15

Where are the Men & Non-Users in the Equation? 16

The Flip Side of Malternatives 18

FMB Formulation Techniques Slip into Negligence 18

Malternatives Alleged to Promote Under- Age Drinking 18

Mass Advertising Draws Wrong Attention 19

Social Activists Flag Protests against Malternatives 20

Health Effects of Malternatives Consumption 20

New Regulations Prick the Malternatives Bubble 21

Are Malternatives Losing Their Fizz? 21

A Shakeout in Progress 21

Number of Brands Whittles Down 22

Looking through the Crystal Ball.. 22


Malternatives: A Definition 22


Heineken, Namibia and Diageo Breweries Ink New Joint Venture

Agreement 23

Global Brands Signs Distribution Agreement with Diageo Great

Britain 24

Diageo Launches Adult Beverages 24

Coors Brewing Inks Agreement with Colorado Rockies 24

MediaNet to Develop Web Mall for National Malt Beverage Company 25

Diageo Plans Capacity Expansion at Illinois Plant 25

SABMiller and Molson Coors Create a Joint Venture 25

Diageo to Build Malt Distillery in Scotland 26

Brown-Forman Acquires Grupo Industrial Herradura 26

Diageo Introduces Flavored Malts in North America 26

Coors Revamps Zima Malt 26

Anheuser-Busch Rolls Out BACARDI Silver Mojito Alcohol Beverage 26

Anheuser-Busch Launches Tarpon Spoon Beer 27

Alcoa Introduces Closures for Malt and Carbonated Beverages 27


Anheuser-Busch Inc (US) 28

Arizona Beverage Company LLC (US) 28

Bacardi USA Inc (US) 28

Brown-Forman Corporation (US) 28

Molson Coors Brewing Company (US) 29

Cruzan Rum Distillery (US) 29

Diageo Plc (UK) 29

Labatt Breweries Of Canada (Canada) 29

SABMiller plc (UK) 30

Miller Brewing Company (US) 30

The Lion Brewery, Inc. (US) 30



Malternatives Market Overview and Outlook 32

Beer Industry in the US - A Primer 32

Key Market Statistics 33

Trade Statistics 34

Target Audience 34

Malternatives: The Difference Between Success & Failure 35

Who's Leading the Malternatives Chase? 35

Regulatory Clampdown on Malternatives: Slow Boil in a

Melting- Pot 36

California to Tax Malternatives as Distilled Spirits 36

Labeling Laws 36

Market Share Statistics 37

8. CANADA 39

9. JAPAN 40

Market Overview 40

10. EUROPE 41

a. France 46

b. Germany 46

c. Italy 47

d. The United Kingdom 48

e. Spain 49

f. Russia 49

g. Rest of Europe 50


China 51

Australia - A Key Market 51

ADGP's Growing Concern Over Alcopops 51

Higher Taxes Signal Hard Times for Alcopops 52

Alcopop Consumption Trends Among Young Australians 52



Market Overview 54

The Middle East: Charming International Brewers? 54

Malternatives Bode the Promise of Making it Big in Israel 55



Table 1: Consumer Demographics - Quantifying the Impact of

Malternatives on Consumer Image of Spirits: A Comparison

Between Opinions of Regular Uses of Malternatives and

Non-Users of Malternatives

Table 2: Consumer Perception of Malternatives by Gender

Table 3: Perception of Malternatives by Drinkers and


Table 4: Global Malternatives Market by Region for the Period

2007-2015 (Sales in US$ Million)

Table 5: Percentage Breakdown of Global Malternatives Market

by Region for the Years 2008 & 2012

Table 6: Breakdown of the US Beer Market by Product Category

- 2006 (In '000 Cases)

Table 7: Volume Sales Leading Beer Brands in the US - 2006

(In Million Barrels)

Table 8: Percentage Share Breakdown of Leading Imported Beer

Brands in the US - 2007

Table 9: Volume Exports and Imports of Malt Beverages in the

US for the Years 2007 & 2008 (In '000 barrels)

Table 10: Retail Dollar Sales of Major Brands in the US

Flavored Malt Beverages Market Through Food, Drug, and Mass

Merchandisers - 2006

Table 11: Retail Dollar Sales of Major Brands in the US

Flavored Malt Beverages Market Through Convenience Stores -


Table 12: Retail Volume Sales of Top Brands in the US

Malternatives Market - 2006

Table 13: Malternatives Market in US: 2007-2015 (Sales in US$


Table 14: Malternatives Market in Canada: 2007-2015 (Sales in

US$ Million)

Table 15: Malternatives Market in Japan: 2007-2015 (Sales in

US$ Million)

Table 16: Malternatives Market by Region in Europe: 2007-2015

(Sales in US$ Million)

Table 17: Percentage Breakdown of Malternatives Market by

Region in Europe for the Years 2008 & 2012

Table 18: Malternatives Market in France: 2007-2015 (Sales

in US$ Million)

Table 19: Malternatives Market in Germany: 2007-2015 (Sales

in US$ Million)

Table 20: Malternatives Market in Italy: 2007-2015 (Sales in

US$ Million)

Table 21: Malternatives Market in the UK: 2007-2015 (Sales in

US$ Million)

Table 22: Malternatives Market in Spain: 2007-2015 (Sales in

US$ Million)

Table 23: Malternatives Market in Russia: 2007-2015 (Sales in

US$ Million)

Table 24: Malternatives Market in Rest of Europe: 2007-2015

(Sales in US$ Million)

Table 25: Malternatives Market in Asia-Pacific: 2007-2015

(Sales in US$ Million)

Table 26: Malternatives Market in Latin America: 2007-2015

(Sales in US$ Million

Table 27: Malternatives Market in the Middle East: 2007-2015

(Sales in US$ Million)

Table 28: Malternatives Market in Rest of World: 2007-2015

(Sales in US$ Million)


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