Ophthalmology Specialty

Ophthalmology treats various problems such as dry eyes, redness, eyelid bump, cataract and provides options for laser surgery to correct vision.
Ophthalmology Specialty

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  • Video Animation
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  • Cataract
    An animation of how cataract of the lens can cause blurring of images on the ...
  • Cataract Surgery
    An Illustration of the Cataract surgery that is performed to restore the sight for the patients ...
  • Lasik Treatment For Eye
    Interactive section of Medindia gives general information about Laser Eye ...
  • Long Sight
  • Short Sightedness (Myopia) is a common vision problem, in which individuals cannot focus on distant ...
  • Eye Allergies
    Eye allergy or ocular allergy or allergic conjunctivitis occurs when allergens cause redness, ...
  • Foods for Better Eye Health
    Discover the foods that make for optimum eye health. Read ...
    Why is organ donation regarded as crisis with a cure? Read more to find out. View slide show on ...
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75th Platinum Jubilee Annual Conference - AIOS 2017

Jaipur Exhbition & Convention Center, India
2-16-2017 to 2-19-2017
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11th Asia-Pacific Vitreo-retina Society Congress - APVRS 2017

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia
12-8-2017 to 12-10-2017
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