Neurology Specialty

Read about diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.
Neurology Specialty

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  • Video Animation
  • Slideshow
  • Brain Depression
    Interactive section of Medindia provides information about chemistry of Brain ...
  • Brain Death
    Interactive section of Medindia helps us in better understanding of Brain ...
  • Brilliant Human Brain
    The most amazing and complex organ in the entire universe, the human brain continues to remain an ...
  • Ear and Hearing
    Ear converts sound waves into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the temporal lobe of the ...
  • Epilepsy - Animation and Slides
    Epilepsy is a medical condition where the brain cells fire abnormal electrical signals that ...
  • Ganglion
    Ganglion is commonly seen around the wrist joint as a small harmless sac filled with jelly-like ...
  • Parkinson's Disease - Surgical Treatment
    Slide animation on surgery for Parkinson disease. Surgery is only indicated where drugs fail to ...
  • Parkinson's Disease
    Slide animation on Parkinson disease. It is a progressive movement disorder due to degeneration of ...
  • Spinal or Epidural anesthesia
    Slides and animation on spinal and epidural anesthesia illustrating the essentials of the procedure ...
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