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It's all about your teeth. Read here to know more about dental problems and treatment for everyone - from children to senior citizens.
Dentistry Specialty

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  • Video Animation
  • Slideshow
  • Extraction of Tooth
    A simple but graphic slide animation that shows you how a tooth is extracted by a dentist under ...
  • Flossing of Teeth
    Ever wondered what the right way to floss your teeth is. Find out from this animation that ...
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Are you going to have root canal treatment? Refer to this cartoon display that uses slide animation ...
  • Foods that Kill Bad Breath
    If you are looking to kill your chronic bad breath, look no further. These 10 foods are your bad ...
  • Foods That Stain your Teeth
    Want to get whiter teeth? Food with high acid content and stains like cola, tea and sauces can make ...
  • Vitamin D in the Diet
    While sunshine is the best source of vitamin D, one can still load up on the vitamin by adding ...
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