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Infectious Diseases are caused by virus, bacteria, fungi and other parasites. Also called communicable diseases, it can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact.
Infectious Diseases Health Center

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  • Sinusitis
    Nasal sinus cavities are moist, hollow spaces in the bones around the eyes, cheeks, and nose. They ...
  • Tonsillectomy
    Multimedia flash depicting the surgical procedure of Tonsillectomy done through the dissection ...
  • Waterborne Diseases
    Interactive section of Medindia gives details regarding water borne ...
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Are you going to have root canal treatment? Refer to this cartoon display that uses slide animation ...
  • Anti-dandruff Foods
    Poor nutrition can be a contributing factor to the development of dandruff. Adding foods rich in ...
  • Top Five Negative Calorie Foods
    Negative calorie foods widely advertised in diet plans are foods that supposedly use more energy to ...
  • Eye Allergies
    Eye allergy or ocular allergy or allergic conjunctivitis occurs when allergens cause redness, ...
  • Diet for Obstructive Lung Disease
    The right balance of energy boosting foods and protein foods along with adequate vitamin and ...
  • Prostatic Abscess
    Abscess found in prostate gland, its diagnosis and treatment are explained in this ...
  • Pus From Ureteric Orifice
    Pus from the ureter, its diagnosis and treatment are explained in this ...
  • Ureteric False Passage
    Ureteric False Passage is caused by injury during a procedure like ...
  • Ureterocele
    Ureterocele is caused by a congenital problem with the opening of the ureter into the ...
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