PLAB Overview



PLAB is also known as Professional and Linguistic assessments Board Test (PLAB).

The PLAB test is relevant for international medical graduates. Those who wish to take up a period of limited registration (which you can do only if you are in supervised employment) and who need evidence that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine in the UK. The PLAB test is designed to test ones ability to work safely in a first appointment as a senior house officer in a UK hospital in the National Health Service (NHS).

Should you be taking the PLAB test?

Passing the PLAB test is one of the ways in which an individual can satisfy the General Medical Council ( GMC ) that they have the knowledge and skills which are necessary to practise medicine in the UK. The General Medical Council must assure itself that the particular individual should have suitable qualifications and abilities before it could grant an individual limited registration. Limited registration will allow the individual to practise in the UK in supervised employment in the National Health Service. For further information the following website can be contacted

Qualifications required for PLAB ?

  • A primary medical qualification (PMQ) for limited registration. Please check the GMC website to see if your qualification is acceptable.
  • Allowed qualifications are those listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization. (All MCI recognized colleges in India are in general acceptable.)
  • Relevant scores in the IELTS test (academic module): a minimum of 7 as an overall score and in the speaking section, and 6 in each of the other sections ? listening, academic reading, academic writing.
  • At least 12 months? postgraduate clinical experience in a teaching hospital, or another hospital approved by the medical registration authorities in the appropriate country. (The test can be taken without this experience, but the candidate will only be granted limited registration at the grade of House Officer - the grade occupied by new medical graduates).

Please Note :
  1. Those students who have passed the IELTS test more than two years back at the time of initial registration , will have to prove that they have maintained their English language skills once again.
  2. Limited registration will not be granted without the offer of a job. But passing PLAB does not guarantee a job. Before taking the PLAB test, one should make sure that they are well informed about opportunities for work in the UK.
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