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The generic Permethrin is manufactured by 49 companies. The information provided includes the cost of the drug and the type of drug - tablet, capsule, syrup, cream, gel, ointment, liquid or injection.
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Please also note that Medindia's database currently has 73 Brands of Generics of Permethrin listed. New generics are constantly being updated.
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SNo Brand Name Manufacturers Type Unit Price
1  Alpermy Lotion Densa Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. Lotion    1%/5ml  View Price
2  Clearkin Ind-Swift Limited Gel    5%/30gm  View Price
3  D A T Omega Remedies Pvt Ltd. Cream    1%/30 gm  View Price
4  Elice Zee Laboratories Ltd Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
5  Gzlthrin Gedzrlvin Pharmaceuticals Cream    50mg/30gm  View Price
6  Jolice Cure Quick Remedies Ointment    5%/60ml  View Price
7  Lyscab Lyra Laboratories Pvt Ltd Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
8  Medilice Wings Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. Cream    10mg/30gm  View Price
9  Mityscab Fem Care Pharma Limited Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
10  Monoscab Geolife Sciences Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
11  Monoscab CRM Captab Biotec Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
12  Monoscab Soap Captab Biotec Soap/Bar    1%/75gm  View Price
13  Nolice Cream Rinse Lark Laboratories (India) Ltd. Cream    10mg/60gm  View Price
14  Nomite Apids Pharmaceuticals Shampoo    2%/100ml  View Price
15  Nomite (30 gm) Apids Pharmaceuticals Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
16  Noscab Psyco Remedies. Cream    50mg/1gm  View Price
17  Noscab Soap Novasearch Dermocare Soap/Bar    1%/1gm  View Price
18  Parmath Eclipser Pharmaceuticals Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
19  Pedicor Grace Drugs Pharmaceuticals Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
20  Pedilice Dermocare Laboratories (Guj) Pvt Ltd Cream    10mg/50gm  View Price
21  Pedimite Dermocare Laboratories (Guj) Pvt Ltd Cream    50mg/30gm  View Price
22  Pedimite (50 ml) Neiss Labs Pvt. Ltd. Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
23  Peloscab Elfin Pharma Pvt Ltd (Biotropics Formulations) Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
24  Peloscab Crm Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd. Cream    50mg/1gm  View Price
25  Perclin Affy Pharma Pvt. Ltd Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
26  Perin (50 mg) Novasearch Dermocare Cream    50mg/1gm  View Price
27  Perin 1% Psyco Remedies Cream    10mg/1gm  View Price
28  Perin 5% Psyco Remedies. Cream    5%/50gm  View Price
29  Perlice Galderma India Pvt. Ltd. Cream    1%/1gm  View Price
30  Perlut Canbro Healthcare Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
31  Perlut (60 ml) Canbro Healthcare Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
32  Permarid Micro Labs Ltd (Gratia) Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
33  Permarid Crm Invision Medi Sciences Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
34  Permicer Avancer Labs (P) Ltd Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
35  Permiriv East African (I) Remedies (P) Ltd. Cream    50mg/30gm  View Price
36  Permiriv Lotion East African (I) Remedies (P) Ltd. Lotion    5%/40ml  View Price
37  Permiskin Biochemix Healthcare Pvt Ltd Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
38  Permiskin (75 gm) Invision Medi Sciences Soap/Bar    1%/75gm  View Price
39  Permiskin Cream Micro Labs Ltd (Gratia) Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
40  Permisol Captab Biotec Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
41  Permite Galderma India Pvt. Ltd. Cream    50mg/1gm  View Price
42  Permizo Zodley Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
43  Permizo (60 ml) Invision Medi Sciences Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
44  Persure Sunways India Pvt. Ltd. Cream    5%/1gm  View Price
45  Pertel Intel Pharmaceuticals Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
46  Pertel (30 gm) Intel Pharmaceuticals Ointment    5%/30gm  View Price
47  Pertop Dermocare Laboratories (Guj) Pvt Ltd Lotion    5%/75ml  View Price
48  Sbsol Royal Sapphire Remedies Soap/Bar    1%/75gm  View Price
49  Scabenil Psychotropics India Limited Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
50  Scabenil (75 gm) Unichem Laboratories Ltd Soap/Bar    1%/75gm  View Price
51  Scaberase Rowan Bioceuticals (P) Ltd. Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
52  Scaberin Divine Healthcare Cream    30gm/30gm  View Price
53  Scabex P Indoco Remedies Ltd (Spera) Ointment    50mg/1gm  View Price
54  Scabicide Mercury Laboratories Ltd. Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
55  Scabion Medicated Redson Pharmaceuticals Soap/Bar    1%/75gm  View Price
56  Scabon P Iscon Lifesciences Cream    50mg/30gm  View Price
57  Scaboz Daksh (Zodak Pharmaceuticals) Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
58  Scaboz (30 gm) Daksh (Zodak Pharmaceuticals) Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
59  Scabper Shalaks Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
60  Scabper (30 ml) Shalaks Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
61  Scabper (60 ml) Shalaks Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
62  Scadis Medis Lab Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
63  Scalix (60 ml) Zee Laboratories Ltd Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
64  Scanil Zodley Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
65  Scatik Axyzen Life Sciences Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
66  Seaboz Daksh (Zodak Pharmaceuticals) Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
67  Skabiz Archicare Cream    5%/30gm  View Price
68  Skabkill Unichem Laboratories Ltd Lotion    5%/30ml  View Price
69  Skabkill (30 gm) Neiss Labs Pvt. Ltd. Ointment    5%/30gm  View Price
70  Termilice Lanark Laboratories Pvt Ltd Lotion    1%/60ml  View Price
71  Uniscab Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd. Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
72  Uniscab (75 gm) Psychotropics India Limited Soap/Bar    1%/75gm  View Price
73  Viscab Arlak Biotech Pvt Ltd Lotion    5%/60ml  View Price
Disclaimer :
The Price of the drugs indicated above may not match the actual price at which they are sold. Prices can change depending on many factors, including local taxes. These are only approximate indicative prices of the drug.

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