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After taking Volix 0.2mg twice a day, I have developed great swelling in my feet. I am chronic RA and taking 50 mg injection once per week. Kindly suggest remedy.
Lateshjain - India5/3/2015
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i am a patient of Duodenal Ulcer along with Obesity,hypertension and Multiple Aches and pain like Backache, OA and pain in ribs etc. My Doctor has advised me Ganaton OD 150 mg daily. My pain in upper abdomen is still there and I my experiencing a lot of palpitation. Is that due to Ganaton or the summer heat ? Hoping to hear soon from you. naz.farahnaz@GMAIL.COM
Farnaz - Pakistan5/2/2015
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can u sent norepace100g tablets plz send me
kishore4u - India4/28/2015
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Spasmopriv [100 mg] Capsule-I am advised by my Doctor to take this medicine for 120days before food TWO TIMES.I AM 80 YEARS OLD. PLEASE ADVISE.
gdshah - India4/27/2015
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Hello, I am interested in purchasing 30 tablets of Chemogef made by Neon Lab, to be shipped to China. I cannot find a way to purchase online. Can you let me know how to make a purchase? Thank you.
junhuiluo - United States4/26/2015
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Dear, Sirs i am researcher in the pharmaceutical field from Egypt and i want to gain [Oseni] and its active constituents (Alogliptin and Pioglitazone) for some pharmaceutical researches.
osama99 - Egypt4/22/2015
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Wife suffered from herpes zoster, has already completed the course of antibiotic Acyclovir 800, Acyclovir ointment, Nevgaba, NVM M12 and now she has suffering from severe left wrist pain problem for the last 6 months. What is the solution of this problem. Please suggest me.
Indreshkala - India4/22/2015
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I have been taking clonil25 for last eight years. I tried discontinuing it in tapering doses. Was successful for a few months. But the problem returned with vengeance . I had to resume taking it. Does it mean I shall be dependent on it lifelong?
Rembrandt49 - India4/19/2015
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Am on Levipil 500 along with Eptoin 100 and earlier had a brain surgery post diagnosis of AVM but the problem i am facing almost all the side effects which are mentioned above so in this case could u please suggest what should i do ?
rajib777 - India4/11/2015
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What is the price of this drug and how to obtain it?
132478 - India4/10/2015
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