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Hello. I am 68 years old. I have a history of severe disease. Tumor sidalischnoy pelvis. Long way to the correct diagnosis. Before the diagnosis treated for osteochondrosis. Defeat of the hip joint. Prosthetics in London rejection of the prosthesis. Infection . High amputation of the leg two years ago. This story lasted for six years. I can assess the level of pain and 10 points. 10 is a painful shock. His I moved twice. Doctors who treat me now decided one year to remove and reduce opoid FENTANIL PREGABOLIN. But I have phantom pain often incompatible with life. Their decision must guide humanity. But how can I live when I'm afraid of the night. The family sleeps. I am alone with the pain I can not sleep and you can not scream and moan. Day passes like an eternity. I still have not finished a lot of cases. But the pain takes power. I expect you to help. I need FENTANIL and PREGABALIN. I count on your understanding of my situation. Sincerely Stepan. P.S. All employees of your company wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
savin47 - United Kingdom12/21/2015
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Rate of morepenium 1g , 500gm and Piperacillin / Tazobactam 1000 vial ?
Maqbool1660 - India12/20/2015
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My present TSH is 16. My doctor advised me for Eltroxin 25 mcg. Is it ok. Please guide me. Thanks S Chakrabarty
Thermal007 - India12/20/2015
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Can I buy otc trisoralen
Lripaldi - United States12/19/2015
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Any way to get this medicine in India?
Akhilesh29 - India12/17/2015
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I am taking thyronorm for last 2.5 years in the morning on empty stomach as per doctor prescription. But I have also been taking one litre water on empty stomach for last 5 years. Is it ok taking thyronorm with one litre water.
BMRAO - India12/16/2015
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you can get its mother tincture at any homeopathy shop.
surindersangar - India12/16/2015
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i need this can i get
shaheb - India12/16/2015
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Accolate [Zafirlukast] is used to treat the symptoms of chronic asthma and also prevent asthma attacks in children and adults. Accolate reduces the swelling (inflammation) and narrowing of the airways, which can help make breathing easier. Accolate works by blocking the action of certain natural substances called leukotrienes.
edwardhoward - India12/10/2015
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