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we have , NEMBUTAL powder, liquid and tablets. Email: info.elmahn.group.goodluck@gmail.com Skype name: dr.boucas23
Wearen2015 - United Kingdom4/9/2015
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Hello, I'd like to know where I could order these pills and who could ship them to me in France for about 50 euros. Thank's
bidou75003 - France4/1/2015
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I have been taking Baraclude [Entecavir] Tablets 0.5 mg for more than a year. My doctor advise me to continue taking it but it is too expensive. The only alternative is to go for the generic one. Can I buy online from your company.
Tony10 - Malaysia3/31/2015
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I was recently prescribed Flavedon MR by a doctor in India to replace isosorbide, these tablets have also vastly improved my Diabetes control, I have been to see my doctor here in the uk today and the Flavedon are not available here. could you please tell me where I could buy some online
Halky - United Kingdom3/30/2015
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TOLOL XR 50 versis Losar 50
devmal - India3/29/2015
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nice explain if you want see info about health for sleep disorder so connect this link: https://www.modafinilcat.com
colincarr112 - India3/28/2015
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My wife is suffering from a chest pain almost one month.She has low presser [70-110] most of the time. And doctor said its not a heart related pain, prescribed pregabalin methylcobalamin capsules vit- d calcium and indomethacin tab. But after taking pregabalin most probably she is feeling nausea and problem to walk. Her RA/uric acid/ECG is normal. Plz advice me me what should I do?
manas27 - India3/27/2015
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Please give me a suggestion ,,,i am taking Rablet 20 along with etoshine and Peg SR 75 mg and Mythyloco for neck pain...Is it ok or can I take for 10 days?
Hedayetullah - India3/21/2015
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My younger brother was admitted Ashirwad Hospital Ghatkopar Mumbai on 5th January 2015 with cardiac problem and was stable after first aid was given to him. We were told that the patient requires an anticoagulant injection and was administered injection Alteplase was I V with in few seconds he went into cardiac failure instead of improving his condition in fact worsened his heart stopped and no other life saving support was able to revive him was declared dead very very dangerous drug. This happened in the facts can be confirmed by the hospital.
raju0311 - India3/16/2015
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Can anybody plz tell me the availability of this drug - Anagrelide Hydrochloride [Agrylin] - 0.5 mg? urgently required for a pateint at Malad. ....sachin Kajrolkar, chembur, mumbai.
sachinrk - India3/15/2015
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