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why cant i get anafranil in the United Kingdom anymore
Davie - United Kingdom4/10/2014
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i have tried Nexium 40 and it works fine for GERD over three months. Now the new batch comes in 10 tabs against the previous 7 weekly dose. The new batch by Astra Zeneca is ineffective and I may switch to Glenmarks Esoz D . Is there a problem in long term use over a year or so....I have GERD and it invreases with spicy foods which I cant avoid,
NRI786 - India4/10/2014
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Hi, Is this Vemurafenib Tablet [Zelboraf] is available in India? Is there any alternate available for this? And what is the cost of this tablet ?
AhesanAli - India4/9/2014
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I would like to purchase Erythropoietin
fastguy72 - United States4/8/2014
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It should be use in mild to moderate proteinuria With combination of hydroclorothizide which helps for long pedal oedema too..
DrHrishi - India4/7/2014
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is this drug availble in pakistan
dil - Pakistan4/6/2014
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Dear Sir, How can I get TACRIM [tacrolimus] locally. My town is Kozhikode, Kerala. This is for psoriasis Regards, Chandran
cudumbasseri123 - India4/5/2014
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Does anyone has extensive medicines list in excel sheet format?
GABHIJEET - India4/5/2014
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I need pricing for Lyrica in USD rather than rupees. How can we accomplish this??? Thank You
madmax1950 - United States4/3/2014
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Pt who has to be on Aspirin for heart stint,,, but is bleeding from multiple wound sites, poor skin with prednisone,,, and not on any other blood thinners!
threekisses - Canada4/2/2014
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