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i have mild ulcer. if advisable to take ezact 60 with atacid.
ezact60 - India6/12/2015
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zabesta xlo is used, one tablet in the morning in empty stomach, by me for the last ten years and my bp is in control. but unfortunately I am suffering from gout for the last one month and doctor prescribed Febuxostat40, I am taking one per day got relief but doctor advised to continue zabestaxlo.Please advise a safe drug to maintain bp.To my query doctor advised to continue the medicine that i have been using.
bmdn1 - India6/11/2015
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My husband is on blood thinner shots and his blood is thin ,but he has back pain and swelling from his waist to his feet I'm praying that someone can tell me what can help him ,we need help we are running out of shots and he is in hurting God please help him!,
Dbrown13 - United States6/9/2015
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My mother has undergone two stents in her rightside of heart in the interediary area and after that whole lot of problems have cropped up. She is having problem in her kidney function for that Dr. Advised Dyalisis. Her BP is very high and fluctuating from 180 to 220 and as on date status is that lots of tests have been done like Ultrasound, CT Scan, Liver Function Lung Function and report of everything has come OK, now the Doctor is suggesting medicine Apresoline 20 mg. [Hydralazine: chemical Name] to lower BP. As per Dr. one renal doppler needs to be done as he suspects that there is some problem in the kidney area. But my mom is very drowsy due to medications and hence Renal Doppler done two times not successful as she is not able to hold breath consciously due to drowsiness. Please advise me what is the best medication to be followed for her condition. Is renal Doppler possible in some other way?..pls. guide me.
padmininair - India6/3/2015
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what is the brand name of mirabegron in india and who are the distributors? is an indicative price available? tk u in advance, for some urgent info, pl.
chandru5 - India6/1/2015
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Hi, I am working for a software company. Since 10 years I am suffering with OCD. But i never been to doctor regarding this. Last i went and met DR. C R chandrasekhar he suggested me to take FLUNIL 20 mg tablet. I browsed about this tablet [FLUNIL 20 mg] in google it is showing there are many side effects if we take this tablets. Is it true? Is there any side effects if I take this tablet? Kindly suggest
Suritani - India6/1/2015
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Hi Senthil, did you get this medicine in India. one of my friend requested the same medicine for his daughter. I am from UK and here medicine are given with prescription. Can you please contact me, if you found a supplier. Regards Ajit
jit321 - United Kingdom5/29/2015
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how do i order?
reginamartinez - United States5/28/2015
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there are very less number of manufacturer of Clonidine 0.1 ,0.2 mg. in india i.e only three suppliers unichem neon and zydus cadila kindly helps to get more.
shivnandan - India5/28/2015
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csylleloglou - Greece5/20/2015
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