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Posaconazole exhibit activity against Candida spp., including C. krusei which are inherently less susceptible to fluconazole. Posaconazole is equal or slightly more potent than voriconazole against Aspergillus spp. and cross-resistance are found in voriconazole-resistant strains. Posaconazole has variable activity against Fusarium spp., and has a high MIC90 values against F. solani.
PrakashPeralamYegneswaran - India2/11/2015
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How does it compare with Buscapan= Hyoscine hydrochloride and dicyclomine
krishan1234 - India2/10/2015
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I have been taking flo dart plus [marketed by Otsira Genetica] for the last almost 2 years on the recommendation of my doctor. May I know how long this should be taken? Prostrate problem is not increased or reduced. It is almost same. my age is 79 yrs. sck vaid
sck_vaid - India2/6/2015
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I am Doctor and having NIDDM since 16 yr and want to know about any trial of Insulin therapy along with Aurvedic OHA
SuudhirKumarJha - India2/6/2015
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Help this has helped bring PSA level to 0.1 ,,, where can I get this? Price increase and also can't find any pharmacy who will get this for us
suebee123 - United States2/5/2015
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i had 3 miscarriage.1 i did in second i bleeded naturally and third was not developed.after that when i did my test i found out that i have pcod and torch prob now i am taking rovamycin for 21 days and torchnil and folivate for 2 month.i have regular periods.may i know wht are the chances of getting pregnant and are there any risks.
mahi27 - India2/5/2015
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Serratiopeptidase in form of CIPZEN 10 mg was prescribed to me for sports injury with severe inflammation of thumb. With just one tablet, it lead to intense acidity despite the antacid with the dose. According to wikipedia, there aren't any randomised clinical trails that prove the efficacy of this proteolytic for the treatment of inflammation.
MadhavP - India2/2/2015
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jayphar - India1/31/2015
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I have been taking olenz rt- 10 for 2 years. I am feeling quite normal . Please advice me how many years I have to take this medicine? ,Thanks Rajeev Sangia email rsangia2000@Gmail.com I m feeiling quite normal
gsangia - India1/30/2015
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can we have sex while taking clomiphene tablets ip clome 50
Ravelin - India1/29/2015
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