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my father died yesterday and I am thinking it is because of me my father is heart patient and yesterday he start sweating and feeling cold like head was soo cold and legs were freezing instantly I gave nicorandil 10mg and after 1 min he died is it because of nicorandil?? I am so afraid !!!!
panujyal - India3/11/2015
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My wife is a BP PATIENT due to hereditary . She is taking 2 tabs Telma40 for the past two years. At present she is getting frequent symptoms of giddiness,dizziness, and pain in the leg. Generally the tab is controlling the BP but many a time it is not able to control. Pulse rate is also falling quite low very often. Situations like high BP with low pulse rate and weakness is experienced.
pkbanner - India3/11/2015
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Xbira contains Abiraterone Acetate Tablets 250 Mg. Xbira is available in 250 Mg Strength. Xbira comes in a pack of 120 Tablets. Xbira is manufactured by Cipla. costing least aprox 30k
animeshanand1986 - India3/9/2015
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How to get HONVAN TABLETS 120mg in South KOREA. Email : eyeofu83@gmail.com
CalebGSAM3719 - Korea, Republic of3/9/2015
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I will be arriving in India soon for an extended stay. Is Effexor 150mg, or other strengths, commonly available in India's pharmacies? If so, is a prescription necessary? Approximate cost per capsule? I am not looking for generics, only Effexor. Thank you for your time...k
123kenny - Cambodia3/8/2015
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Can I take cefaxs if I am allergic to penicillin
vonny04 - Turkey3/7/2015
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No w do I order spreadable or hyaluronidase
Stan8242 - United States3/7/2015
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Whether i can use this since there are floaters and flashes for right eye
Bkrao - Japan3/1/2015
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Mifepristone is anti androgenic pill effective in termination of fetus by disintegrations of growing womb. 200mg of single dose are effective within 4 weeks of termination.
daynighthealthcare - India2/27/2015
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