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MY daughter aged16yrs is taking oxetol 450 twice a day for 3and half month..for about 1 month she is complaining about headache in front portion of head-dom..especially while coughing or forward bendin..what should I do?
HETAL123 - India11/18/2015
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sir please provide the source of getting milteffosine tablets in india
piku12 - India11/10/2015
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my question is : for the medication [ Sandimmun-Neoral ] 100 mg What is content of the soft gelatine capsules ( does it contain pork ? ) Please advise I have taken this medication and develop Nausea , abdominal pain , allergic skin reactions , mental confusion, insomnia, hyper tension , muscle cramps and weakness , tremor , headache, convulsions , shortness breath , palpitation, numbness, This medication is prescribed for me from dermatologist doctor as am suffering from chronic urticaria please advise
sam1956 - United Arab Emirates11/7/2015
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I have just placed my order for Razel manufactured by Glenmark.
Userlo - United States11/6/2015
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We are manufacturer of Quinidine. Anyone interested can contact us.
lakesyn - Taiwan11/5/2015
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Can I discontinue Tab Vobit 0.2mg medication after using it for 2 to 3 months, after blood sugar is in well control ?
wvj1234 - India11/4/2015
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I have taken contiflo icon0.4 mg before sleep and facing swelling nose in the morning. Dr. ask to take up to one months. Please suggest what should i do?
Akshay_health - India10/31/2015
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Hi, I want to buy 90 tablets of Gefitinib [250 mg]. I live in USA. Please let me know how to buy (payment method/delivery etc.) Thanks, Navin
Navinv - United States10/30/2015
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