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How many tablet of mifepristone should I take if its my second time of doing an abortion
princex - United Kingdom4/16/2014
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Does it contain Albumin?
Azsured - United States4/16/2014
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I am taking this for more than a month, doctor also asked me to use... Worrying
mathivanan - India4/14/2014
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My dosage of this drug suppost OD after dinner only. But I was forgot that I drink that drug after my breakfast. So, I taken this drug BID, instead of OD. I take this drug overdose dosage. What will I do?
AISLINN7882 - Philippines4/14/2014
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I am 25 year old man. I am married. I have fungal infection around my penis not on penis. What medicine I suppose to use? After applying cream or powder can I do sex with my wife ? Any side effects ? Please reply
Ajit2552 - India4/13/2014
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cinitapride3mg pentaprazole40mg combi drug giving me good sleep.Is it good to continue long time?
raja999 - United States4/12/2014
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why cant i get anafranil in the United Kingdom anymore
Davie - United Kingdom4/10/2014
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i have tried Nexium 40 and it works fine for GERD over three months. Now the new batch comes in 10 tabs against the previous 7 weekly dose. The new batch by Astra Zeneca is ineffective and I may switch to Glenmarks Esoz D . Is there a problem in long term use over a year or so....I have GERD and it invreases with spicy foods which I cant avoid,
NRI786 - India4/10/2014
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Hi, Is this Vemurafenib Tablet [Zelboraf] is available in India? Is there any alternate available for this? And what is the cost of this tablet ?
AhesanAli - India4/9/2014
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