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csylleloglou - Greece5/20/2015
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Excellent information on Levamisole Hydrocloride in treatment of vitiligo also.
dkg99 - India5/13/2015
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Dear Sir, I live in Hyderabad nearby ECIL Cross Roads. I need 90 tablets of Normadate [200 mg] (Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) per month for controlling my BP. I am unable to get this medicine. There are other brands that costs me near about Rs 1900/ PM which is a difficult one from my meager pension. Please help me by suggesting me medical shop in Hyderabad or Secuendrabad for purchasing this medicine. Reply me Mob 9908549784 Thanks to all N S Gandhi Prasad
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Cytotec contains Misoprostol as active ingredient which is help to terminate unwanted pregnancy up to 8 weeks with safe home abortion method. With this home abortion pill there is no required to for clinical administration and along with it will perform safe abortion without surgical instrument. Cytotec is also used to stop stomach ulcers.
daynighthealthcare - India5/11/2015
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indica2 - United Kingdom5/10/2015
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ive all ready tryed and im now looking to buy bulk 10 mg nitrosun few hundred 1st time go from there if could get back to me on my email address get back to me a.s.a.p please P.S im in the uk hope that dont matter or any one else reading this could help please could you contact me soon as poss thanks indica2
indica2 - United Kingdom5/7/2015
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Where can you buy Humalog or Novolog 10 ml Vials. I do not want to use the pen or cartridges. Too expensive!!
Subuswami - United States5/6/2015
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what is cost of doxapram and how i can import it to lahore pakistan...umer critical care unit jhl
abubakergondal - Pakistan5/6/2015
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Sir, Earlier I had some gastric problems and I take antacids for the same. Recently I am experiencing heavy gastric problems, ie i feel difficulty in breathing, my nose blocking. if i take some hot water it will be released in few minutes but till such time i had to suffer a lot. if suppose i am outside my thinking would be what would happen to me and naturally the fear comes and sweat a lot. i had done the endoscopy, scan and other thing, they say that its not a gerd. Nowadays i am gettting it frequently before every meal. At this time if i intake something it will be ok. I would like to know whtr is it the problem of piles or something related to the anus, I used to discharge gas through anus, but sometimes it stops and at this time I am experiencing this problem for a longer time say 30mts to 1 hour. One of my freind told me to take veloz 20mg. Is it adivisable. after food nothing will be there for the next 2 or 3 hours, then again it starts. First thing is very difficult in breathing and nose got blocked. once it is cleared everything will be ok. Please suggest the remedy for this. regards dinesh
dinesh1607 - India5/3/2015
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After taking Volix 0.2mg twice a day, I have developed great swelling in my feet. I am chronic RA and taking 50 mg injection once per week. Kindly suggest remedy.
Lateshjain - India5/3/2015
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