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Dear Dr., I am patient of adenomyosis with bulky uterus. I am using Novex Ds since last 1 year, the result is good. May continue taking this drug until my menopause ? Is there any risk/ problem in taking long time?
chakri123 - India8/31/2015
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Hello, where I can buy tadalafil 20mg for Russia, thanks for answer
kopmax - India8/19/2015
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I have taken Veltam 0.4 mg first time before sleep and facing Headache and dizziness in the morning. Dr. ask to take up to one months. Please suggest what should i do?
vinodkumar12 - India8/11/2015
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Hi, my doc prescribed me siphene-100 mg tablets for 5 days starting from 3rd day of my periods. but i missed 3rd and 4th day and started taking on 5th day only and just 3 tablets for 3 days -. please let me know if it is ok, and can we have sex the very next day after having tablet. please help ? my cycle is 24 days.
anto123 - India7/30/2015
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How to buy Erlocip for my mom, I live in Indonesia. regards tirza
Tirza - Indonesia7/28/2015
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Why the rate of Januvia 100 mg varies from different pharma or hospitals. Medanta shows MRP price as INR 315 VAT ; However in various shops MRP is mentioned as INR 299/-
prashantB602 - United States7/23/2015
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Where can I purchase riluzole in india
pempo17 - India7/22/2015
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How to buy Lapatinib from China? Thanks a lot!
WangBC - China7/21/2015
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has it got to be taken life long? can it be stopped after some time say 10 days?
dkanand - India7/21/2015
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As published in "The Hindu" English news paper from Chennai of India, tofacitinib citrate 5 mg [Xeljanz] was incidentally curing the leucoderma of a 53 year old woman while treating the woman for Rhumotoid Arthrities (RA) as claimed by Dr.King from Yale university. Dr. King also says that there was no adverse side effects. Is it advisable to take tofacitinib (Xeljanz 5 mg) for vitiligo/leucoderma? Also it is feared that this invention may be taken as a route to soup money from vit patients who were already afflicted by this awful condition of skin. But one thing that is to be taken firmly is that the efficacy of ayurvedic medicines from India is highly applaudable in terms of its affordable cost and free from all side effects. pls clarify.
kichena - India7/19/2015
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