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I am taking Risperidon 1mg daily. I am geting it from Bangalore. Some time it is very difficult to get it. Will you please give me the dealar's Name and Phone No. in Nagpur where from I shall purchase the same?
dbn48 - India9/16/2014
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how much price in india of above medicine
slbishnoi - India9/16/2014
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URAN - India9/12/2014
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At what dosage and duration of use does this cause elevated blood sugar levels and fluid retention?
Anuvathsa - India9/12/2014
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My father is an alcoholic and he refuses to get help. Every single day he drinks and disrupts our entire night. My mother and I are extremely tired and depressed. Can I grind this tablet and dissolve in water and serve him? It will have the same effect or it won't work? Please help.
Ekta8 - India9/10/2014
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Iam on veniz xr 75 for 6 months .i am facing low libido can i take stay on for it
kumarkk - India9/9/2014
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Nurse prescribes 4 progestrone injections, one every week for total 4 weeks, though she says apparently there is no problem to my wife, who is 2 month pregnant now. I ask if she is OK why you prescribes these injections, then she replies that said injection is helpful in proper growth of placenta and hence kid too. It also saves the mother and children through its positives during pregnancy. Now when i read many articles and also at Rxlist it says it should be avoided during pregnancy as it may adversely affect. Actual i lost first child due to mishandling and untimely handling of her by the doctors. She went through scisserian and still child could not be saved and so my worry is for obvious reasons. I am 50:50, whether i should allow her these injections??? plz reply
msd1983 - India9/5/2014
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I ordered Hyzaar 100/25 on line and was sent Cosart-H. On the package is stated 50/12.5. I ordered a 30-day supply of 100/25 but was sent 60-day supply of 50/12.5. All of my Hyzaar generic brands have been either light yellow or white. These are a pinkish orange. Should I take these pills? I feel anxious about this. This is my life and I don't want to lose it!
thegallery2west - United States9/4/2014
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My Father has been taking Telmisartan 80mg as a single ingredient or combination, he had severe running nose, not able to sleep for the last 1yr. We tried all sort of medicines from Homeopathy to Ayurvedic to all ENTs in Chennai. Still he had this running nose issue. Finally we found 1yr later, last week that Telmisartan has a rare side effect of runny or stuffy nose. We stopped this combination and he tried just Amlodepine, the running nose issue is gone in just 2-3 days. So, we're gone to inform our Cardiologiest, pls contact your Dr. if you've this issue.
jinishans - United States8/30/2014
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where can I buy Canagliflozin in India? Brand names and cost please.
teataster - India8/25/2014
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