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Do patients taking Rosavel f 10 need to take baby aspirin kindly part us with suggestions
geomed - United States1/25/2015
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Dear Sir, we have our Cheritable trust and in Guwahati [Tura, Meghalaya and Assam] we want to distribute the tablets (Free of cost) for antimalarial agent, prescribed for malaria. the combination we look for is Tab. Artesunate 50 mgs / Amodiaquine 153 mgs. approx. we need around 3000 Packet each with 24 tablets. Also We may need more of these tablets again in near future for the same purpose. awaiting your quick reply even if it is negative. Thanks, Best Regards, Bhadresh Shah From Mumbai, Kandivali East - Lokhandwala
bhadresh123 - India1/19/2015
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I need to buy 300 penfluridol 20 mg tablets. Could you send me through FedEx or similar? How could I send you the payment?
Geraldogomes - Brazil1/16/2015
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Medicine courier to Abroad from India: Medicine International courier services from India to worldwide: If you want we will purchase the medicine and courier to any country like USA, UK, China, Canada, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Oman etc.
shareef123 - India1/13/2015
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My doctor prescribed me Atosat-20 one tab at bed time for an year as a part of medication to treat Parkinson Disorder.Suddenly he has increased it to 2/day ie 40mg pl let me know is it a preventive tab and if so for what PL educate me on side effects.Thanks
alvasu007 - India1/12/2015
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Are metronidazole and Ciproflaxacin have the same functions? If you take metronidazole, then you don't have to take Ciproflaxacin anymore? These medicine are both antibiotics. Thanks
map1990 - Philippines1/5/2015
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I was diagnosed, December 2013, with Gastroparesis. Most of the time I lived with a permanent anxiety how may stomach would respond to certain foods, with bloating and pain. I was prescribed Levosulpiride 25mg just three months ago. My life has been transformed. A good appetite wnd weight increasing to a decent level. Can also dine out once more.
Don12 - Spain1/3/2015
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Sir, I am taking TELLZY-H for past 4 days and am feeling bit uneasy, tired,and nose started watering. please guide for continuty of TELLZY-H, my email is please help me
raju... - India12/30/2014
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Wht happens if i take oxetol 300 mg instead of oxetol 150 mg in the morning.Doctor prescribed me for 300 in the night and 150 in the morning. Please reply asap
kvrs - India12/29/2014
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