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I am looking for Zytiga for my father urgently. Can you kindly please advice the best price, payment and delivery? Thanks.
dianeyin - China2/12/2016
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I need to know about trade names for this compound.
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sir, I had a MVR surgery at 10 years back , from that day onwards i am taking acitrom but now my legs having white and copper color patches because of acitrom i am facing this issue.
pradeep12123 - India2/6/2016
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I am taking Tetan 20 for the detection of higher BP accidentally. There after my BP is in control. But I have very normal LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerol readings. Should I still continue to take Tetan 20 and how long.
nppatro - India2/6/2016
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Nice post. Mifepristone is best medicine used to terminate unwanted pregnancy up to 7 weeks.
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i need a 180 tab sunitinib 50 mg i want to ship it directly to Syria how much the cost and if ever you ship to Syia before whats your experiense
drmfarras - Saudi Arabia1/30/2016
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hi everyone i m Ubaid 19 years old i m suffering from palpitations chest pain arm weakness from 2012 i have done many tests ecg echo thyroid blood tests cbc lipid profile but all are doctor suggested me etizolam 0.5 i m taking this after sleep but i feel not well my doctor called it i m frustrated with this diseases.i have need of help please help me what are the treatments of this diseases.
xiddi727 - India1/20/2016
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how do i purchase this? i'm looking for 1,000 tablet
ysm82 - Malaysia1/7/2016
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since taking this drug my son is making abnormal neck movements while standing ,sitting etc and started talking to himself which was not done before. Prior to calling medicines he was slightly depressed and used to get irritable. Now, he says he talks to people and is obsessed with cleaning etc. Can we stop this medicine for sometime and observe him?
aragamprabhakar - India12/27/2015
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Dear sir we required 1 injection of krystexxa for my brother in law bcoz he is suffering for uric acid increased we are not found in indian local market so please suggest where we found this injection in india we required urgent besic Thanking you ANURAG SHARMA DELHI
punet - India12/23/2015
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