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Whether i can use this since there are floaters and flashes for right eye
Bkrao - Japan3/1/2015
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Mifepristone is anti androgenic pill effective in termination of fetus by disintegrations of growing womb. 200mg of single dose are effective within 4 weeks of termination.
daynighthealthcare - India2/27/2015
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My wife is taken Sibelium Tablet for migraine. It was prescribed by an eyes specialist. I just want to know is there any side effect during breastfeeding?
Prakharchakraborty - India2/23/2015
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Hi, I have been prescribed Rejoint by my Doc a week ago. I am 51 years old. My periods stopped end September 2014. As soon as I started on these tablets, my periods started and the flow is extremely high causing me extreme weakness. Could there some connection?
claretlobo - India2/23/2015
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I have been recommended to use daily injection for my osteoporous like gem tide.hoever I would like to know the cost also experience people have from using.
Sundeep30 - India2/18/2015
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Dapsone is used to treat leprosy [Hansen's disease] and skin disorder such as dermatitis herpetiformis. This medicine belongs to a class of drugs known as sulfones. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.
Peter60 - India2/17/2015
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Hi, I am 62 years. ICD implanted 11 SEP 2012 [Medtronic Maximo ll VR] for frequent VR, VT, I had post operative LV aneurysm 21 nov 2012. The ICD has been triggered 4 times, the latest one was 18 DEC 2015. Recently DR. prescribed IVABRADINE 5mg instead NOVODIGAL 0.2mg, after 7 days taking this medicine I feel breathless, tired and dizzy. Please your advice.
tiga - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya2/15/2015
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Spasmopriv [100 mg] Capsule-I am advised by my Doctor to take this medicine for 2 months. should i continue this ? If so how many months. Please inform side effects.
gdshah - India2/15/2015
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Hello I want to purchase sandostatin LAR 30mg vial [injection] so to whom should I contact ?
shikha641 - India2/11/2015
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