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Can anyone tell me where can i get this in india. The patient is in critical situation
kohli.ramneet - India4/22/2014
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thanks for giving such information. i also read about Botox drug information . It was also a nice concept go through the site and learn more
debbiemartin - India4/22/2014
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my wife age is 37 yrs . geting 20mg in night [10mg*2nos].Any harm. pse let me know
sana123456789 - Sri Lanka4/22/2014
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Dear Doctor I am M.M.Namboothiri, aged 57, vegetarian. I have a diarrhea like symptoms. I have painless stool every day. The stool is not a formed one since many months back. It is a loose, semi formed one all the time. daily 2 or 3 times. yellowish or brownish, sticky to the closet. No bad smell. Enormous amount of gas in the lower abdomen. Constant discharge of flatus with LOUD noise, at times it is happening every minute at home. But at office set up it is suppressed. At early morning I need to rush to toilet. stool with large amount of flatus. Due to this, I am unable to travel in early morning hours. tendency to stool after heavy food. Constant sitting job with computer. Once I took antibiotic with TZ combination. the problem was solved. but later it is again repeated. Now it is more than 1 year I took the above medicine. Please advise me on the disease and what treatment I should take. Sincere thanks and Regards M.M.Namboothiri
MMNamboothiri - India4/20/2014
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I took in ciprolex tz about a week ago and just found out that i am three weeks pregnant. I was experiencing abdominal pains during the treatment and associated it with the side effects. Now I don't know what will happen to my unborn baby because i am still experiencing mild abdominal pains. What can i do?
Mary18 - Ghana4/18/2014
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Over a 4 hour dialysis session how long before the end of the session should the epo be introduced into the machine. Roy
Acer8 - France4/17/2014
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recently my wife have pregnant and today as on 4month and 16 day. and last two time miscarriage, so doctor advise me 20 day take tablet spiramycine, how many month take s the spiramycine
mehulgoradiya - India4/17/2014
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How many tablet of mifepristone should I take if its my second time of doing an abortion
princex - United Kingdom4/16/2014
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Does it contain Albumin?
Azsured - United States4/16/2014
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I am taking this for more than a month, doctor also asked me to use... Worrying
mathivanan - India4/14/2014
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