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My friend has very bad vertigo and put zyvestra cream behind the ear. It helped. Now they don't make it anymore. Does anyone have any other suggestions
Sue123 - United States4/20/2014
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Hi there. I really enjoy making your soups. However, could you advise how many people the recipes are created for, and how much water/liquid one should be using for each of the recipes? Many thanks
Marcy02 - South Africa4/14/2014
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Hey its anji plz tell me d remedy for removing the signs of nosepads of soectacle.i wear spect.nd use contact lenses also.when I wear lenses then the signs of nosepads looks really very bad...plz give me its remedy as soon as possible..and also remedy for removing spectacles...if u have so!!!!!!
Anjipawar - India4/5/2014
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my name is Anita from California USA , i was diagnosed with HIV in 2012 , and since then my life have never remained the same . I even infected my husband with the disease , until i meant a testimony from a woman called Tricia and what she said about a man called doctor James . I contacted him and told him about my problem , and then he told me that i will need to do some things which i did , and after that he told me to give him some time to prepare the medicine for me . And then after he finished every thing , he told me that i will take the medication for 3 weeks which i did and 4 day ago i went for a test and surprisingly i am now HIV negative, he is also preparing another medicine for my husband, if you are in this kind of problem or you need help in any other disease cure , contact doctor James via his email : or call his mobile number : 2349030470743
Anitamercion - Nigeria4/3/2014
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They are safe until we don't use them without precautions. Nice Post
myeyecolors - India4/2/2014
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Great article. Specially the idea of using soda for making white teeth is amazing and it really works but its overuse should be avoided as it may result into weakning of gems. Thanks for sharing.
MonuC - India3/31/2014
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asslam u alaikum!dear api i m 24 years old there are blackheads holes on my skin that looks very darty pls tell me home remdy.when i was 15 years old it apeared i extract from skin it leave a hole like a big pores.pleas tell me a home remdy plsssss .erum
erumi - Pakistan3/19/2014
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hlo, i am 20 yrs old nd my face skin is clean but my complexion z dull. hw cn i make my complexion fair. i cnt use creams cz it dznt suits on me. i want homade treatment for me... thnx me sonia
rimii - Pakistan3/18/2014
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Thanks for the helpful tips! I love to straighten my hair, I use the karmin flat iron and argan oil by Pro Naturals as a heat protectant, its really good, and it makes hair soft and shiny.
AnneW - Colombia3/12/2014
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This blog is awesome you please post more add it useful to people and I refer to my friends to see your blogs thank you.
abpdermal - India3/12/2014
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