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Am Julian from USA,I have suffered from the problem of pile[Hemorrhoids] for eight years,i have taken different medication,but no cure,a friend of mine was browsing the net on the solution of pile, and he got the contact of a doctor from the testimony of a guy who the doctor had helped,i got the contact of the doctor,and i contacted him,i told him how i have been suffering from it,that was how i got the medication,,and i took the medication for a week and that was all.I no more have the problem of pile any more now am the happiest person.Any one with such problem,should contact him on 2349038504409 or alegbe3@gmail.com
julian1232 - Nigeria3/23/2015
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Check out this post i found that is kinda related to this one but it has a few more home remedies writen on it! Check it out here - http://wp.me/p5w9N2-7N
kitra37 - Macedonia3/19/2015
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Omg this is a english conversation, lemme translate for u then: "Can Mamil prevent children constipation problem? I used Frisco Gold and my child still having constipation. Cannot solve the constipation problem at all, it just kept coming back."
BethGreene - Malaysia3/19/2015
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Mamil boleh cegah sembelit kanak2 ke? Aq ni guna Frisco Gold, anak masih lagi ade sembelit. tak selesai langsung masalah ni. asyik sembelit2 je.
azizahhamzah - Malaysia3/19/2015
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actually u all can do it other way round for constipation prevention like what I did for my LO which I force them to drink a lot water everyday. Like what my sister did is feeding them with prunes and fruit juice. I think just increase the water consumption and start feeding them with freshly squeezed juice will do good for children constipation treatment and prevention.
Anusha18 - Malaysia3/19/2015
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I feel that the DermalMD serum was good for reducing the wrinkles, but it didn't help with the dark circles under my eyes. It goes on smoothly and isn't sticky at all. It dries rather quickly and you don't feel it on your face afterwards.
nicolestauffer - India3/18/2015
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Ya.. Mamil contain Prebiotic which is one of the ingredient in Mamil tat solve child constipation.. MY son was 4 years old now and last month he have constipation.. cried a lot during his bowel movement.. luckily my MIL ask me to change formula to solve my child prob... before getting milk pwder, pls check whether there if there is any Prebiotic formula bocs Mamil have the highest level of DHA among other which give the best solution to mum and their child. Try for a week and see how it solve your child constipation problem.
Felibehson - Malaysia3/18/2015
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Hi, Thank you for you great post on whiting teeth .I got a best Natural Product on whining teeth. check out here >>> http://tinyurl.com/mcad24n
Harrie - Bangladesh3/18/2015
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buying milk formulas always remind me about the Fontera Milk Powder that is tainted and a fake china brand thats not trustable how on earth can someone taint milk powder for childrens its definitely better to wisely choose milk formulas carefully as it might cause ur child to have brain damage and u definitely dont want to regret the decision its best to avoid milk formulas if it is possible from what i know is milk powder causes children constipation bcuz it is heathy
xxjohndoexx2020 - Malaysia3/17/2015
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These home remedies actually worked for me! My LO now can settle her bowel with ease but apparently I suggested these remedies for my friend which her DD also had constipation problems but somehow it didn’t work out for her. So I think different toddlers have different digestive system which some way dont seem to solve their constipation problems. I think Mamil Dumex is quite a good solution for toddlers constipation problem as well because i used it and it actually help in constipation child treatment. I also recommended to my that friend and now her DD also no longer have constipation. Maybe u guys can try it which Mamil Dumex is a milk powder brands which helps in preventing child constipation in long run.
johnliew - Malaysia3/16/2015
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