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Dengue and Homeopathy

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Transfer of Dengue Virus

Dengue and Homeopathy
Aedes mosquito becomes infected by feeding on a patient with dengue infection usually from the day before onset of dengue fever to the fifth day of illness.

After an incubation period of about 8-10 days, the mosquito remains infective for life. The female mosquitoes pass on the virus to their offspring through the eggs. The ‘mosquito bites’ transfer the virus to man in whom it circulates for almost a week. The infected human has high fever during this period.
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Posted by:  preethi.., India  Posted on: 11/7/2012
the symptoms are these:
High-grade fever.
Severe headache.
Severe joint and muscle pain.
there are also some natural cure as papaya leaves,vegetable and fruit juices etc..
Posted by:  Deepak1986, India  Posted on: 9/2/2012
I believe strongly in homeopathy and I witnessed it when I gave Kali Carb 1M to my wife at the time of labour pains when the doctor said ceaserine is inevitable as she is not having enough energy to push the child out and even there is no crowning. After a single dose of Kali Carb 1M it took just 15 min for my daughter to come out from her mother. Amazing !!! By CA.Deepak Solanki, Hospet Karnataka
Posted by:  NidaMaheen, Pakistan  Posted on: 10/12/2011
Very Nice Research.Thanks
For More Detail Please Visite My Site::
Posted by:  rajputpark, Pakistan  Posted on: 9/15/2011
I was suffering from Dengue fever from 1st sep. 2011, and Platelets counting is 135,000 on 5th Sep. 2011. I called my Homoeo Doctor Muhammad Afzal Farooqi, He suggested me single remedy "Staphysagria 30" with duration of every hour, I took it 3 days and then my platelets grown up to 222,000
(Tariq Jamil, Lahore)
Posted by:  AbhikDas, India  Posted on: 11/2/2010
This is with reference to the comments made by kgbhat on 19th october, 2010. It was great master Dr. Hahnemann who pioneered the concept "vital force" nearly 200 years ago. This vital force can be redefined as immune system. Homeopathy believes in cure whereas allopathy supresses. The cure here is to completely annihilate the disease force not the transformation from one form of disease to another . Please let us not blame homeopathy but blame homeopaths for its failure.
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