About Medindia

Medindia is a leading provider of online health information and services to consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals and corporations globally through its websites, applications, product and service offerings.

Medindia's mission is to empowering consumers and healthcare professionals globally with authentic, accurate, timely and customized health information and tools to better manage their health, provide better care to patients, and lead healthier and happier lives.

Medindia was founded and is led by a team of eminent doctors and professionals. It was originally conceived in 1997 as the Medical Computer Society of India (MCSI), with the social mission of educating consumers about health and providing physicians and professionals with the tools to leverage technology and the internet to improve healthcare. In order to further MCSI's mission, Medindia was launched as a separate website in 2001, and has grown steadily since its inception.

Medindia is privately owned and operated by Pvt. Ltd. – with headquarters in Chennai, India and representative marketing offices in USA and UK. It is supported by a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors, healthcare professionals, content researchers, writers, editors, designers, developers and analysts.


Medindia attracts millions of visitors each month from over 230 countries around the world. Today, Medindia ranks among the top sites globally and in India/South Asia. The following are our traffic rankings as measured and certified by Alexa and Quantcast – which are independent providers of site analytics:

Ranked as the top Health website in their Health category in Asia (Alexa)

Alexa Traffic Rank : Global rank is 6292, India Rank is 638, USA Rank is 8228 (as of January 2016).

Quantcast Ranking : India rank is 27, and USA rank is 5788 (as of Jan, 2016) Include Widget below:

Content Highlights:

Medindia's content covers a broad spectrum of health topics from A to Z and is updated daily in a variety of formats including - health articles, news, in-depth special reports, interactive health calculators, polls, quizzes, animations, slides and videos. Other topics cover areas such as lifestyle and wellness, diet and nutrition, as well as Yoga and Alternative Medicine .

In addition, Medindia has one of the most comprehensive databases of information on Indian drugs and pricing including data on both brand names and generic equivalents. The data is compiled and updated on a daily basis and is a great resource for both consumers and professionals. It also has one of the largest collections of healthcare directories containing names, addresses and other details of doctors, hospitals, chemists, medical colleges, pharmaceutical companies, ambulance services, blood banks, eye banks and NGOs. All information is presented in a user friendly and easily searchable format.

Health Applications:

In addition to Medindia’s comprehensive content on health and wellness, Medindia offers a range of health applications for both consumers and healthcare professionals.

My Health Page: Consumers can take charge of their own health and manage it better by creating a personalized health page, based on their individual health profile, and preferences.

Biometric Health Risk Assessment Tools: A range of tools to perform simple biometric health risk assessments and get reports.

Electronic Health Record: Consumers can store and manage all their Electronic Health Records securely using this application.

Calorie & Diet Tracker: A way for consumers to track and log calories consumed and burnt with a comprehensive database of 30,000+ food items and 2000+ activities.

Doctors’ Home Pages & Applications: Registered doctors and healthcare professionals can create a free online profile and home page, showcase their expertise and get better visibility to millions of visitors a month. They can also allow patients to book appointments online or through a mobile app, manage their appointments, contribute as an expert by answering questions, offer online consultation to patients, and create and write blogs.

Mobile Apps:

The entire website is available on both desktop and mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. The modern, responsive design of the site ensures a uniform viewing experience whether you browse it on a PC, an iPad, an iPhone an Android device or a Windows Phone. The site and many of our health applications are available as mobile applications on both Apple's iTunes and Google's Play stores.

Community Site:

Medindia's affiliated website is a full featured social network for health and wellness that brings together consumers, patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals globally. It enables the community to connect, discuss, share, learn from and support each other on health related topics and issues. It also allows consumers and patients to get trusted answers and advice from doctors and medical experts. It truly brings the power of networking to improve health and well-being for consumers worldwide. It has over 170,000 members (as of Jan 2016) and is growing rapidly as new members join it from all over the world.